“Our 12 month long project titled “Boardrooms Need Women: Improving Administrative, Advocacy and Communication Skills of the WBAT” began on January 2, 2019. We had made an application in 2017 to this grant program which is being carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Directorate for EU Affairs and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance’s Central Finance and Contracting Unit. We are among the 38 organizations that have qualified for a grant, chosen from among 500 applications.

Our “Boardrooms Need Women” Project aims at:
• Training and including new professionals to the team in order to strengthen the administration of WBAT.
• Having the Board visit NGO’s and similar entities in Ankara, London and Brussels and adapt model implementations to the organization.
• Working on advocacy and lobbying activities. • Implementing communication activities in conjunction with our PR agency in order to increase the recognition of WBAT; working on the effective use of the press and media as well as social media activities.
hande yaşargil
Hande Yaşargil
WBAT President

President’s Message

Especially in the last 10 years, many studies in Europe and the United States have demonstrated that companies with a high number of women on their boards have a higher level of performance in almost every field. Researches have also shown that companies with women on their boards have, as a result, better ethical reputation, lower levels of corruption and that they take better calculated risks.

However we want to state that as the Women on Board Association Turkey (WBAT) we feel uncomfortable being forced to present these facts to support the right for more female representation. In a world where half the population and talent are women, if there aren’t enough of them on company boards, this not because of the lack of “eligible women”, but rather a sign that the system isn’t working properly and that women are getting stuck during the process. Women can’t solve this problem that was created by the system on their own. The system itself should be doing that.

Therefore WBAT is a platform that prepares strong candidates for boards and plays an active part in the resolution of this problem by bringing together the various stakeholders so that the system can work efficiently. It is a strong organization with an increasingly large competency field that paves the way for solutions through open dialogue.

Project Activities
YKKD Yönetim Kurulu, Brüksel ziyaretini gerçekleştirdi.
WBAT Advocacy Training
YKKD Sertifika ve Mentorluk Programı 3. Dönem Mezuniyet Törenimiz Rahmi M. Koç Müzesinde gerçekleşti.

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